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Prix Fixe ~You & Me,3 Months!

It’s time to discover what lights your fire, floats your boat and makes you smile on the inside. This program is designed to support you in getting outside of your comfort zone, bringing your dreams into reality and making you, your number one priority.  more...

Amuse Bouche

Invite your friends to this at-home, hands-on cooking class...make it a party! This class debunks the idea that healthy food is boring and that cooking with fresh ingredients is hard. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and have some fun with your food.  more...

Say “I Do” To You
~ for Brides to Be

Whether you are marrying the man or woman of your dreams or are ready to marry yourself, this program is designed to assist you in falling madly in love with the woman you are and to share the experience with your loved ones along the way.   more...


Press Pause
28 Day Transformation 

No need to travel to a far off land to press pause and reset. Let’s do this here…now! I will be with you every step of the way, providing a roadmap to ensure your journey is supported and successful.


I am here to help you develop a personalized yoga practice that is appropriate for your body type and fitness level. You do not have to flexible to try yoga. The only requirement is that you breathe and surrender to being uncomfortable at times. By consistently showing up on the yoga mat, you will relax into your body, gain control of your mind and find personal strength that has been waiting to be discovered.   a la carte page & pricing

This is an opportunity to get the junk out. We will roll up our sleeves and dig into kitchen cabinets, the pantry and fridge.We will read labels, talk about healthy alternatives, and declutter. Make space for a new way of being in your kitchen, which will spill over into your life. This offering is great coupled with The Grocery Store Tour if you need additional support in filling the space we have created with whole foods.   a la carte page & pricing


Are you wandering around like a deer in headlights every time you hit the grocery store? I got you! There are some tricks of the trade that can put you at ease and actually make shopping enjoyable. I’d like to accompany you so shopping for food doesn’t feel like a chore. Together we will read labels, shop the perimeter, and create a diverse list of staples so you can be in and out in a flash. We’ll have fun….promise.
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Have you tried every diet out there and you are still confused about what you are supposed to eat? Your nutritional needs are based on ancestry, emotional ties to food, allergies, blood type, health challenges and the physical demands you place on your body. Let's determine which foods best support you as an individual. Together we will draw up a nutritional roadmap to guide you toward a happier and healthier you.
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Something magical happens when we find the exercise that actually feels good and fits our personality. I want to help you find that sweet spot, the balance between the hustle and the ease; a combination between balls to the wall and sprawling out on the grass, red-faced and exhausted. We will work on your posturing, building your core (its your power center) and get you closer to your fitness goals.    a la carte page & pricing

Let’s determine what foods, movement and self care practices create vitality and happiness in your body. Caring for yourself is a continuous exploration of how you feel from moment to moment. Knowing what works for YOU is a process and a practice. Having someone to hold the space for your growth is very powerful. I want to be that someone.   
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