Inspired Nighttime Thoughts

As I am laying in bed, reading through Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson for the umpteenth time, I was struck by a few words in his introduction, “the miracle in the mundane”. Which led me to: I want to BE the miracle in the mundane. To live it! To dig deeper. 

As I strive to take my yoga off the mat and find presence in each moment, the idea of miracle in the mundane brings a sense of weightlessness and excitement. It evokes joy and power and hope. It invites us to look closer at the leaves as they curl just before a rainstorm, or to settle into the birdsong that wakes us at dawn from a deep sleep. We are alive, with a beating heart that given the chance, can take us to the top of Everest. A beating heart that, over time and space, can overcome the deepest loss only to flutter and ache again for new beginnings; the miracle in the pain of the mundane. 

I am finding my way back to me – again and again and again