That Just Happened

It has been a day to say the least. This past lunar eclipse has turned my world on it’s head and a week later I am still wading through the tides of all that has flooded through, over and around me. A lot of emotional trauma and life lessons have whacked me upside the head. In hindsight, I think these lessons may have started as a whisper but I chose ignore them, so this past week has brought a tidal wave, literally knocking me on my ass wondering what the hell just happened and how did I not see it coming?!

Being a parent whilst sorting out “your shit” can often feel like a marathon with no finish line in sight. Here’s how that goes: mom (me) is moving through some serious heart ache, literally counting the minutes until 8pm. I ordered take out because even frozen gluten free chicken fingers felt like too much work tonight, and it really isn’t a meal if vegetables aren’t involved. My mission: get kids clean, read them a story and lights out as soon as possible.  Sounds easy enough. Well, the accidental push of a button at bath time turned my bathroom into an English Garden water feature and story time turned into terror as we realize a flying squirrel, or it’s nut, is trapped in the heating vent In my bedroom.

But as I sit here now, with the kids bathed, can’t believe I pulled that off tonight, and all tucked into their beds, it is almost comical what only an hour ago almost urged me to come undone. Almost!