starlit sky

The Gift of Noticing

I sat tonight, listening to Radiohead and took a few minutes to notice a large maple tree in the backyard. The majority of the leaves on the tree have fallen, but the ones that remained caught the moonlight so nicely. I then looked beyond the leaves to see the clear night sky. The stars. And how through the leaves of the tree, it almost looked as though the stars were decorating it like a glowing string of lights. And I thought….why don’t I stop to NOTICE more often? Every time I stop to notice the curve of one of my daughter’s faces, or the expressions my mother makes that have become my own, or the light in a friend’s eyes as she listens intently to my struggles; I am so deeply moved because I know through experience that these are the moments in life that stay with us. This is what we are here for. Human connection to each other, to nature, to ourselves. We are all one!

I took an hour in the middle of the afternoon today to sit with friends. One of us was in need of connection, of sounding boards, to have love reflected back to her; so we showed up! But what was truly beautiful was after she had her time to process, the space was created for a talking circle of women holding the space for one another. We got real, with ourselves and each other. And the common thread woven between each of us was how we hold ourselves back. How each of us powerful, gifted women are afraid to shine. We are afraid of our own light! Yet we feel it as a constant whisper, beckoning us to greatness. So you move through the fear, trudge through the muck of self inflicted stuck ness and rise. And what I learned today is, if you can’t rise for yourself, then do it for someone you love because showing up for others is the best way to fill yourself up. And after you do that, take a moment to notice the stars or the idiosyncrasies of someone you cherish because the moonlit sky or that person you love will feel the connection and reflect your greatness back to you. Always