The Importance of Food Combining

A balanced meal does not mean slinging as many things as possible on your plate...  
Unless we're talking about vegetables!

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How it Works

If you have chronic digestive concerns, food combining is necessary to rebuild your gut ecosystem. Many things throw our gut bacteria out of whack; such as pesticides, food coloring, processed foods, sugar and overeating. Humans consume more food than ever before, yet many of us are still undernourished.

I know this can be overwhelming so let me break this food combining concept down for you. Animal proteins require a good deal of hydrochloric acid secretion for digestion, which most of us are lacking due to the overwhelming demands we place on our gut. Starchy vegetables and grains require a more alkaline environment for digestion activating the secretion of an enzyme called ptyalin. The ptyalin, which is alkaline, and the hydrochloric acid, which is an acid, counteract each other. This makes for a terrible digestive situation. The body is not able to create a supportive environment for the digestion of anything at this point. Food is then poorly digested and putrefies in the digestive tract, creating an acidic environment in the body. And the result is an all too familiar story of bloating, gas, heart burn, belly aches and pains. We all know how stomach discomfort can stop us right in our tracks….game over; find the nearest hard surface and lay down.

I have good news…promise! There are ways to rebuild hydrochloric acid in the stomach, rebalance the gut and be happy again. Start to dabble with food combining and eat more celery. Celery is like magic for rebuilding hydrochloric acid and healing your gut. And please, try not to take the food combining too seriously at first! Even if you follow a few of the guidelines and ease your way into it, you will be better off than before you began. Start small. Everything you do will have a loading effect.

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