Be a Rebel.   Love Yourself.

Pause to Awaken your Potential. Create the Body & Life you Love.

Support for the Awakening Woman

with Lindsae Raineau


in this journey of transformation
YOU are the destination...


The Longing

There is more for you. You feel it. That void calling to be filled. You try to satisfy it with food, busyness, alcohol or a lover’s embrace...

What do you ache for?      What do you desire?

The longing often masquerades as the desire to have someone come along and sweep you off your feet. But this only offers a temporary fix. The source of the longing is you...longing for yourself. Stop running. Stop hiding. Stop covering up. And, if you want to run; run wildly, madly, with your hands in the air and your hair blowing in the wind. Run until your lungs ache, but for fuck's sake, run toward yourself! 


The Collapse


The collapse is born out of the longing. It is a sweet, dark, long surrender of feeling... Everything. You must be a tender lioness; dismantling all of the walls you have built around yourself, slowly yet fiercely releasing everything that is not you...watching every little fragment fall away. 'Wanting to let it go, while feeling the depths of loss. This can feel like waking up to a life that isn't yours, realizing you have no idea where you are or how you got here.  


Once you have felt the longing and unearthed the desires,
there is no turning back. 

This truth can sucker punch you in the gut with a hard blow; facing this reality means surrendering to discomfort, grief and regret, and diving into the depths of what honoring the longing really looks like. This is where you wave goodbye to the Prince Charming story and start becoming your own heroine.


The Pause


Stop doing. Give yourself permission. We keep busy so we don’t have to face ourselves.  As a result, we grow further and further away from who we are, becoming our own long distance lover.

Dive into the void of's an inside job

There is darkness. Have courage. Be curious about yourself, go in with your flashlight. Begin to uncover yourself bit by bit; chip away at it. This is a process, it doesn't happen overnight.

Remember who you are

Remember what cracks you open with love. When was the last time that you felt unabashed adoration for yourself? Did you feel it that day on your yoga mat, when you stopped pushing so hard and softened into tenderness? Or maybe last summer, as you swam in the ocean, feeling absolutely alive...


The Awakening

By being in the Pause, you have made peace with emptiness and now you are ready to fill that space. You are a vessel; a container, you decide which thoughts, emotions, desires you hold. You can fill up on anger, resentment and hopelessness or you can pour in love, compassion and desire.

Each moment in the Awakening calls for presence. Keep coming back to your self. Keep coming back to what you desire by feeling it in your body. Let love and desire be your compass as you set sail toward home inside yourself.

Here there is an ebb and flow

One day you feel like a transformation rock star on your first big tour, and other days you feel lost and alone, many things in your life now unrecognizable.

You cycle through the longing, to the collapse to the pause again and again, constantly aerating your own soil... You move through life tossing what you don’t need and holding onto what you do.

You must continuously excavate your beliefs and habits. Let go of people who dull your fucking shine. Surround yourself with people who support your dreams, success and joy. For those who don't….LET THEM GO! 

Anything is possible after you have gone through the first dark night of the soul. Even when the pendulum starts to swing out of balance, you have learned how to pull yourself back in. This is where you learn to hold the tension of the opposites. Hold yourself and allow life to hold you; you have earned your own trust. 


The Invitation

I am not offering you a magic pill or an easy button. They don’t exist. If you want to grow and change and feel better, you have to do the work to find out what you are really made of. You are made of stardust and flesh & bone; a perfect balance of magic and matter. The body is an exquisite machine; it’s time you get to know yours and all that it does for you day after day. The most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. This is an invitation to get to know you. To love you. To trust you.

Be in The Pause of self discovery

Food and exercise are catalysts for change. They create an opening to life's beckoning and a deeper connection with self. Moving your body and being selective about how you nourish it are choices that you can make RIGHT NOW, starting today; not tomorrow, not next week. We start with a green smoothie in the morning and a 20 minute walk and BOOM, you are shaking things up in your life and change is happening!

Soon you will be stepping further outside of your comfort zone; exploring parts of yourself you have forgotten about. The part of you that is powerful, the part that is tender, the part that is passionate, the part that doesn’t take shit from anybody….they are all there, waiting to be discovered.

This is a roller coaster, babe...  A wild ride full of fear and passion and purpose and thrills.


Take a deep breath.  I will hold your hand.

Let's Begin