you & me ~ three months

It’s time to discover what lights your fire, floats your boat and makes you smile on the inside.

Live the life of your dreams! Go ahead…..the only thing standing in your way is you. This program is designed to support you in getting outside of your comfort zone, bringing your dreams into reality and making YOU your number one priority.

Change can feel scary, especially when you are really ready for it. You know that feeling of being so ready for new, for better, that you could almost crawl out of your skin?...When you are ready, there is a knowingness that you can’t do what you have always done. You have stopped making excuses like, I’m not ready, I don’t have the time or the money or I’ll wait until I lose a few pounds to………sound familiar? As you stand on the threshold ready to step into a new life; having the support of a trusted guide is crucial for success. That is where I come in; together you and I will work closely to discover the foods and self care practices that best support optimal health in your body, starting with the Press Pause 28 Day Transformation.

The time is now!   

This program includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour coaching calls 
  • Press Pause 28 Day Transformation Guide
  • Food combining poster
  • Kitchen overhaul    
  • Personalized fitness program 
  • Personalized meal plan 
  • Session with spiritual counselor Eva Maurice

    *Please click HERE to find more information about these program inclusions.

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You & Me ~ 3 Months Program
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